Wireless CCTV camera pros and cons

In recent years CCTV industry has made some good innovative progress. CCTV users are able to monitor on their phone via commercial cell phone network. There are also some software’s that does pattern recognition to collect data. Some systems can send alert SMS messages to cell phones after an event triggered by sensors. There is one area in CCTV surveillance where there no evidence of progress and that wireless cameras. In this posts let’s look at some of the wireless CCTV camera pros and cons.

Wireless CCTV camera pros

Wireless CCTV cameras are highly desirable because it eliminates the requirement of running long cables for end to end video transmission.  Some manufacturers offer Wireless Wi-Fi CCTV IP camera 802.11 standards can transmit video at High Definition resolution. These are the high level wireless CCTV camera pros.

Wi-Fi CCTV IP Camera

Wireless CCTV camera cons

Analog wireless cameras are very vulnerable to interference which results in poor video quality except Wi-Fi CCTV cameras. With help of very inexpensive jammers any bad guys can jam wireless CCTV video transmission to avoid being exposed on video recordings.

In short, making the decision of buying Wireless CCTV camera highly depends on the user requirements. Wired CCTV system is very secured and reliable. If users do not wish to run wires then Wi-Fi CCTV IP cameras are highly recommended because they can transmit video without any loss of quality.

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  • http://stores.ebay.com/JLM-MERCHANDISE/IP-Cameras-/_i.html?_fsub=4667956018&_sid=62184568&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322 Jeff Monson

    How many IP cameras can you monitor/manage at once with the bundled software? Thanks for sharing.

    • admin

      Our AHS+ software suite can monitor, manage and record upto maximum of 64 video channels simultaneously. If required to scale more than 64 camera we have an solution to have multiple AHS+ DVR / NVR server virtualization on one physical machine. If you want more information on AHS+ software suite please email us at info@ad-hocsecurity.com

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