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4 CH 1080P HD-SDI Surveillance DVR Card System CCTV HD-CCTV High Definition


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4 Channel HD-SDI Full-HD 1080P Display / Recording / Playback. The AHS-4HDI card is the world’s leading H.264 compression card, featured with full HD video (1080P resolution) support. With AHS Proprietary chipset. It is one of the first HD DVR card, adopting the latest video compression technologies and new generation encoding chipset. AHS+ software included with purchase of this card.

DVR Card Specification

> Support 1080P HD video display and recording.

> This DVR Card only works with HD-SDI cameras. It will not work with standard analog cameras.

> With advanced H.264 technology, experience 40% higher image quality and over 60% of saving on recording storage space.

> Support dual-stream compression.

> Audio and video hardware compression card, using advanced standard H.264 video compression algorithm to achieve excellent image quality and high compression ratio.

> 4 channel 1080P(25,30)/1080I(50,60)/720P(25,30,50,60) HD-SDI video inputs.

> Support up to 1080P realtime live view.

> 4 channel full-HD video realtime compression, max 200fps at 1080P, support dual-stream.

> 4 channel G.711 audio compression.

> Support motion detection, video loss and camera masking function; support OSD, logo overlay, video frame rate, frame rate dynamic setup and etc.

> Support RAW video and JPEG snapshot function.

> Support 1 channel 1920*1080 HDMI output or 1 channel 1280*1024 VGA output with 1/4-window display.

> PCI-E x1 port, compatible with all AHS-HDI series compression cards.

> Compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista & XP (32 bit & 64 bit) Operating Systems.


AHS+ Software Suites Outstanding Features

> Up to 64 cameras (Analog + IP) in one computer

> H.264 hardware compression

> Multiple monitors display

> Intuitive GUI operation

> Flexible schedule recording

> Intelligent recordings search

> Instantly playback

> Playback multiple cameras from multiple sites simultaneously

> Instant response on alarm events

> Seamless POS / ATM integration for transaction event monitoring & recording.

> Support dual-stream video transmission

> Mobile live view (Apple & Android apps)

> Website video integration

> Powerful AHS+ Client/Central Monitoring System management

> Full modularized design -   Hybrid DVR Record Server, Hybrid DVR Viewer, Hybrid DVR Playback,

WEB IE Client, Mobile Streaming Server, Hybrid DVR Client / CMS

> Benefits - The best transition to IP surveillance, Flexible deployment, Powerful video recording and playback & High scalability.





HD-SDI stands for High Definition Serial Digital Interface which a standard interface comply with SMPTE 292M standard. SMPTE 292M is a Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) regulated standard which allows bit rates of 1.485 Gbit/s. This bit rate is typical for transferring uncompressed high definition video. HD-SDI is also a part of serial digital interface standards based on a coaxial cable.

HD-SDI standards protocol has the capacity to transmit 720p or 1080p resolution video over at least 100 meter using standard RG59 coaxial cable. Hence, CCTV devices (e.g. cameras, DVR & PC DVR Cards) with HD-SDI are an ideal choice for users who are looking to upgrade their existing CCTV surveillance system to HD CCTV surveillance system without having to reinstall cables. This is a great alternative solution to IP CCTV.

Since, the high definition video is transported as uncompressed video over HD-SDI it is highly recommended to compress HD video using a hardware based h.264 compression DVR card. Such DVR cards will store and stream video over internet more efficiently without losing any video quality.