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Ad hoc Security offers the most cost-effective H.264 hardware compression PC cards that support real-time CIF, D1 & 1080p HD resolution recording. These PCI or PCI-e hardware compression cards are used for PC based DVR system. H.264 is the best standard for video compression. H.264 compression algorithm requires significant computing power for video encoding and decoding. Software implementations that run on general-purpose CPUs are typically less power efficient. Hence it is highly recommended to purchase hardware-based compression DVR card for CCTV surveillance system. All of PC DVR Cards comes with AHS+ software suite which supports hybrid DVR concept. Hybrid DVR’s allows you to record, monitor, playback & remote access to both analog CCTV security cameras and IP CCTV network cameras. This is an excellent solution for migrating your system to all IP cameras.

Our latest AHS-4HDI is one of the leading HD-SDI DVR Card with H.264 compression, featured with Full HD video (1080P resolution) support. It is one the first HD DVR card, adopting the latest video compression technologies and new generation encoding chipset.

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