Benefits of PoE IP Camera

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PoE or Power over Ethernet is the technology that enhances the capabilities of Ethernet signaling through low voltage DC (direct current) power delivery over the same set of wires that carry data to a host of network devices.  More recently PoE plus has also been introduced with higher capabilities. However, PoE plus continues to face specific technical challenges although it is designed to enhance power delivery to 30W and more to devices that are typically power hungry and include security devices, proximity sensors, and network cameras.

Network Efficiency and Cost

Most organizations can benefit significantly from PoE IP Camera both in terms of network efficiency as well as cost implications. The following are among the added advantages of PoE.

Flexibility and Enhanced Efficiency with Network Designs

PoE eliminates the constraints of AC power outlet. This brings in great flexibility while placing a wide range of equipment’s (PoE enabled) such as IP cameras, Wireless access points and VOIP phones, in most optimal locations rather than choosing locations according to the availability of power. In turn, this leads to better performance of the application apart from enhanced network design efficiency. Thus, you can choose to place the PoE enabled equipment’s on the ceilings, high on the walls, or outdoor locations to enhance network performance.

Fast and Simple Low-Cost Installations

PoE helps in fast and secure network installation since it diminishes electrical components significantly. Therefore, your schedules and budgets are not impacted by the need to coordinate the installation of AC power and paying for it.

Easy to Add, Change, Move or Manage Temporary Deployments Quickly

With PoE enabled network devices and switches, it gets a lot easier to move, change, upgrade or modify network lending itself to great flexibility in accommodating changes to network and business needs. PoE is also immensely helpful in facilitating temporary deployments like trade shows, mobile classrooms, mobile offices, etc. since the need for additional power support for the networking devices is eliminated.

Centralized Management of Power

Another huge advantage that PoE offers is the centralized management of power. In a conventional scenario, a power outage will throw critical devices like IP cameras and VoIP phones out of function without a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) using a battery backup. When you have several networked types of equipment across your premises, you would correspondingly need several UPS systems.

PoE for IP Based Surveillance

IP cameras and other surveillance devices are growing in popularity in a wide range of segments including education, public safety, traffic control and more. In turn, the growth in demand is also helping manufacturers make the products more affordable in the hands of the consumers. Further, PoE enabled devices also help with broader enterprise security without investing in proprietary software or hardware or even the traditional CCTV equipment like signal splitters, repeaters, and multiplexers.

PoE IP Cameras also provide for monitoring the views across a wide array of screens using any workstation and a standard browser. Digitized signals also enable multicast solutions and enhanced storage and recording devices using a hard disk which are features not available on the traditional CCTV systems. Similarly, scalability, flexibility and cost-effective deployment will reduce the network ownership cost for enterprises.

Remote manageability is another significant advantage that PoE enabled devices as IP cameras offer. This comes in very handy when enterprises are required to power cameras in hard to access or other difficult terrains. Added to this is the ability to reset or calibrate the devices from a management workstation or an external web facility without having to access the device physically. PoE also offers the facility of centralized power back up enhancing the reliability and reducing the ownership cost through simple procedures of maintenance, higher efficiency, and easy monitoring compared to traditional systems.

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