Buying Guide for Network Video Recorder

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Due to the huge increasing need of security, many organizations, industries, companies, stores and all other places where protection is required are taking many steps, and the most important is installing Network Video Recorder simply abbreviated as NVR. It is an organized digital and hardware system. In which Video recording cameras are used to watch areas from the security breach.

A standard NVR system consists of cameras, processing and storing machine, server, internet connecting devices, Monitoring screen. The cameras capture an area, process it and send it to the storage machine through cable or wirelessly either using Wi-Fi or server. Then the video is stored or forwarded to the monitoring screen or some time both or just to the cloud storage. But only NVR means only the hardware which saves video and audio.

As different areas got their kind of necessities, financial or technical and physical issues, different people require different hardware, software to work efficiently. So, taking care of a few things can make it possible.

Depending upon height, width, need of different area camera is required, all NVR systems cannot recognize all types of camera, some may accept all, and others may only accept standard cameras. So, choose accordingly between HD surveillance to the standard camera, or you may require a wireless camera like, IP camera which can store even in the cloud. Some accept only low-resolution videos. For day and night purpose use thermal cameras or gamma-ray cameras which have the technology to view in darkness. Even you may prefer a motion-sensing camera which moves automatically from one direction to others, and only starts recording only when detects motion and alerts by alarms.

All cameras don’t have the inbuilt mic. Some may take HD videos but faulty sound recording, better to choose multi-mic containing cameras

Videos require space to store like hard disks, flash drives, and tape recorders. If you are using a high-resolution camera, space is filled very quickly, so choose large storage space. Some may not be able to capture, videos from all cameras at once. So, choose multiple storage spaces

All NVR don’t accept server and internet connection for mobile viewing. So study the description of your NVR machine. Some have low uploading speed too. So, choose wisely. If not use camera likes megapixel IP cameras or network cameras which have dirt link with cloud

Choosing the right software for NVR technically called as VMS (Video Management Software) is the main thing because the software is the base where user interface depends, so easy installable, easy usable without practice is required. Examples of some are OnSSi Ocularies, Exacq, and Hikvision.

Many works are good with operating system LINUX, WINDOWS. If you want an immediate response, choose direct video alerts or if they can send the email of pictures to your computer. Choosing PoE power over Ethernet method recording system is more efficient, affordable.

Also, look for the warranty for each piece of equipment. Choose widescreen and any direction viewing monitor if you are live monitoring.

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