Guide to Buy the Correct CCTV Camera Lens

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Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a type of television where cameras are used to transmit its signal to a specific allotted set of monitors. Nowadays, most of the security cameras use this type of system to monitor the allocated area under the observation of security personnel. To make the CCTV system work correctly, one needs to choose the correct type of lens. There are many things to consider while selecting the right CCTV camera lens.

Guide to buying the CCTV Camera Lens:

  • Check what type of mount the CCTV camera has. There are three types of mounts: C-mount, CS-mount and board mount. The C-mount comes with a 1-inch diameter and threaded barrel that has 32 threads per inch. Its sensor is located at 0.69 inches behind the mounting area. The CS-mount camera comes with the same barrel and diameter of C-mount, but the CS-mount is located 0.492 inches behind the mounting area. The board mount camera has a lens that is located directly to the circuit board; this is commonly used in micro cameras.
  • While choosing a lens, even selecting the correct iris adjustment for the light conditions is the must. Auto-iris lens is used for outdoor cameras that adjust according to the changing light conditions. If the light conditions don’t change much and even the lens doesn’t need any adjustment most of the time, then opting for a manual-iris lens is preferred that can be adjusted manually.
  • A correct diameter lens of A 1 lens will work with a CCTV camera that has 1 inch or smaller. The 2/3-inch lens will work well with a 2/3-inch or smaller sized camera, but the 1-inch camera won’t work. Smallest CCTV lens available is the 1/4-inch lens that works only on 1/4-inch camera. Also, note that a bigger lens might work on a small camera but big cameras, the small lens won’t work
  • Even the variable focal length of the CCTV camera lens should be paid attention if observing objects with varying distance in needed. If the object is on the same distance from the camera then going for a fixed-focus lens will be suitable and cheaper too.
  • If the camera is of high resolution, then go for a megapixels lens. They offer high resolution than the standard CCTV lenses.

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