HD CCTV Security Camera System – Latest trends

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You might have seen this on many TV crime related shows where forensic analyst zooms in on an image and enhances to view an object. However, with today’s common CCTV security camera systems it is merely impossible to do that. To zoom in and view the purpose one needs a camera with a higher density of pixels (megapixel cameras). This post will talk about HD & megapixel IP cameras.

Recently, in the CCTV industry, many IP camera manufacturers have introduced megapixels cameras in the market. A megapixel is some pixels present in an image/video. In terms of CCTV, a megapixel camera provides a high-resolution video quality which allows users to zoom in too far objects without losing picture quality. With many standard megapixel cameras, there is one major drawback, and it is a video storage issue. Because megapixel camera produces videos with a high density of pixels, it requires higher storage space for extended time scaled videos. Also, for live streaming of videos from megapixel cameras need higher bandwidth to support remote viewing. It is highly recommended to buy a megapixel camera which has built-in functionality of compressing megapixel video using the h.264 algorithm which shrinks the requirement for storage and bandwidth.

Just like megapixel IP cameras, there are analog High Definition cameras available in the market today. Usually, these cameras come with HD-SDI (High Definition – Serial Digital Interface) which provides same high resolution as megapixel cameras. HD-SDI cameras can be connected to HD DVR’s over coaxial cables. If someone has an existing CCTV system already installed and would like to upgrade to HD CCTV System selecting cameras with HD-SD, I would be the best solution since they would not require install new wires.

For home and business owner who is planning to install the CCTV system from the ground up, it is highly recommended to go with megapixel IP cameras since it is also easy to connect wires. Most IP cameras come with PoE (Power over Ethernet) interface which eliminates the requirement of running power cable separately. IP cameras transmit digital video to a router/computer and hence IP cameras also eliminate the need of purchasing a separate DVR card which helps in reducing the cost of the whole system.

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