How to Correct the Color of CCTV Cameras

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Closed-Circuit Television Surveillance Cameras, commonly known as CCTV Cameras are used to record black and white video since color cameras were not able to match the level sensitivity to light of black and white cameras. However, today’s technology has allowed color CCTV cameras to record color videos the same way black and white cameras do. But there is a catch to it: if the color is not accurate, the image is not acquired as required. Adjusting CCTV color cameras properly will help the display color function properly. Let’s see how to correct the color of CCTV cameras at their optimal setting.

How to correct the color of CCTV cameras:

  • Adjust the level of synch pulse amplitude to 40 Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) on the color CCTV camera. Now watch the picture of color CCTV camera if the image is rolling smoothly or breaking in between. Calibrate the synch pulse amplitude to a number higher than 40 and watch the picture again. Try calibrating this until the image on the monitor is rolling smoothly and no disturbance is there.
  • Now set the white iris setting on 100 IRE units on the color CCTV color camera.
  • Write down the peak video signal of the color CCTV camera with the help of 10-megahertz oscilloscope. If the measurement of on or below 140 IRE units, merely replace that CCTV camera with new ones.
  • Mount a video equalizer in the video signal cable found between the color CCTV camera and monitor. Now adjust the burst control of video equalizer to 40 IRE units so that the Chroma level is at its best setting.

Some important Tips and Cautions:

  • Maintaining the color CCTV cameras regularly will keep them functioning correctly.
  • Color CCTV cameras have issues in recording color accurately if the light level is extremely low.

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