How to Install A CCTV to TV?

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The incredible advancement in technology has led to lower cost and huger CCTV cameras, giving more and more option to the buyer. Closed Circuit Television Camera (CCTV) cameras are used mostly used in offices and homes settings. They are used to keep a vigil many places like entry/exit points, office premises, corridors, atrium or any blind spots that need security attention. They are also used in the home to keep watch on the property, check on infants or physically old people. One individual CCTV camera can be linked directly to the TV with the help of security DVR, quad processor, multiplexor or switcher.

Here is the simple process to install CCTV camera to TV:

  • Choose a well-suited location for the installation of CCTV camera; now plug it to the power supply.
  • Now connect the RCA video cable to the parallel port that can be found on the rear side of the camera.
  • Ride the video cable to the location where TV is connected and connect the other end of the cable to the RCA video-in port on the TV.

How to install multiple CCTV cameras to TV:

  • Choose the area where CCTV cameras need to be installed.
  • Connect them to their respected power supplies.
  • Now connect the RCA video cables on the rear of the installed CCTV cameras.
  • Ride the video cables to the location where the multi-camera device is installed and connect them to their corresponding ports at the rear of the device.
  • Join the RCA video cable to the Video-out port on the multi-camera device and connect the remaining end to the RCA video-in port of the TV.

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