Latest Trends in CCTV Surveillance Security

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The world is developing and so is an average human being. The assets in the form of riches or technology owned by an individual and organizations are also rising high. With money, devices and sometimes life’s hard work at stake; safe and sound secure systems are a need of the hour. The HD surveillance camera is an essential tool in framing security systems as they provide a 24/7 sharp-eye on all the happenings with crystal clear images. Latest technologies like IP camera, HD SDI cameras, and HD CVI cameras are discussed in this article to give a more specific view on the HD surveillance system.

Megapixel IP Cameras

  1. IP camera – IP or Internet Protocol camera is an HD security camera which is used for sending and receiving information over a computer network. It is a webcam that is used for surveillance. Among these, there is centralized and decentralized IP camera, first of which needs a Network Video Recorder (NVR) to handle the recording and alarm management, while the latter has these functionalities built-in to the device. Their flexibility is a big plus point as they are easy to move around and can even function on wireless networks.
  2. HD SDI camera – High Definition Serial Digital Interface belongs to the class of HD security camera used in applications such as digital cinema or 1080P HDTV. It provides data transmission speeds in Gbs per second and thus offers higher resolution and fidelity than regular HDTV. Currently, the use of HD-SDI is restricted to professional video equipment and extended to consumer products such as Blue-Ray players. In places having humongous premises and cameras requiring large fields of view, these devices play an awful lot of helpful role in the HD security system providing higher resolution and the closer look at all the vital details in a scenario.
  3. HD CVI camera – High Definition Composite Video Interface is the latest development in HD security camera that transmits the signals through coaxial cable. It provides video resolutions as high as 1080P and is still far cheaper than HD-SDI or even IP camera. The modern technology has revolutionized the security system scenario and is the top-rated device presently. They also provide longer transmissions than older technology. With all these benefits in the bag, HD-CVI is the premium choice for anyone looking to secure the systems.

The era of security has seen tremendous changes from regular stick holding guards to laser barriers with both still co-existing in the present day. It entirely depends on ones need, stake value and budget the security option he would choose. However, cameras (CCTV) are the most commonly used phenomenon these days as they are reliable, one-time investment, and a perfect watchdog for the prized possessions of the owner.

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