Security Cameras: Their Types and Laws for Using Them

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Security cameras are a universal solution opted by all. They are used in many places like business, homes, subways, streets, garden, etc. Every human always has a slight pang of anxiety while leaving his or her office or home in terms of security. They will always look behind once or twice even after locking the door, to make sure the door properly is locked. Unfortunately, for those who are worried about security, physical presence in two places is impossible. Going back to home from office or office to home premises and expect what is going on in every secluded area is not possible. The best possible ways to secure such places are locks and alarms system, which are not always failsafe.

However, there is one way where being at two or more places is possible and safeguard most asserted valuables and at the same time calming your nervousness. Security Cameras are one such foolproof security system that allows watching what happens when no one is there or see if everything is going satisfactory. This video surveillance system provides monitoring and recording ongoing activity in the focused area for many different reasons. For example, deter invaders, keep an eye on employees or check if every worker in the office is executed satisfactorily.

Variety of Security Cameras is available. While some are big for open spaces like parking, atrium, etc. some are small and kept hidden from view. Before buying a security camera, one must consider a few essential things. Here are the types of Security Cameras that one must know before buying it.

Types of Security Cameras:

Before investing in these security systems, considering the need and requirement is the must. There is the number of cameras for various purposes, so making a list of requirements should the utmost priority. For example, check whether the monitoring of outdoor or indoor is required. Watching only one room will need one camera, but significant areas will need bigger cameras. Security cameras are offered in both: wired and wireless, choosing one of this depends on the location and visibility of the camera. Wired cameras are usually tricky to install and hampers the attempts to remain unseen. However, they give high-quality images than wireless cameras.

Wireless cameras are good with flexibility but require other devices to broadcast such as wireless Internet, small monitors, and cordless phones. There are also frauds with wireless systems as others can intercept the video feeds. Therefore, before buying a wireless system check with the manufacturer to see whether they do or don’t encrypt their wireless system.

Big cameras are quite visible and usually installed in areas where people already know they are on camera. Small cameras are so small that they can be well hidden. They even come in different forms to suit the surroundings.


Before installing any security camera system, especially the small (hidden) types, noting legal restrictions on video surveillance is must be on safer side. In many countries, if there is any audio or video recording is done, then the person should be informed of the act. In short, it is a violation of the law if the person is being recorded with audio or video without his or her knowledge.

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